The Rollei Retro 400s in 135mm is the one I like to use, 60% of my films I would say.
I like its contrast and tone, it will bring some dramatic skies, moody as it has a spectral sensibility near the infrared film.
I usually use it during my day trip or walk for sceneries, landscapes and street photography, very versatile.
This film dries very quickly and easy to scan. 
In 120mm, the details are just amazing with a nice fine grain (not very noticeable on silver print). 
I use it in long exposure as well which I get some nice effects.

I usually meter at 320asa in the darkest part of the composition.
Then I develop in Rodinal 1+25 during 11mins or 1+50 during 22mins at 20’c

-pre soak in water 2mins in 120mm.
-First 30s agitation inversion and then 2 inversions every minute ( 3s each). Tap the tank on hard surface to eliminate the bubbles.
-Stop bath with water and bit of white vinegar (30 seconds)
-Rince with water with 2 inversions.
-Fix (Ilford rapid fixer 1+4) 30s agitation then 3 inversions every minute during 4/5mins.
-Rince with fresh water for 5 mins.
-Kodak photoflo (wetting agent) for 1 minute out of the tank.
All process is at 20’c.

I also done some tries for long exposure, with a B+W filter 10 stops, it was not easy to find the reciprocity failure, so I done some tests, and the best result I got it’s with this formula :
Ta = Tm 1.62.    (Ta : adjusted time/Tm : metered time)
Examples : Tm 5s -> Ta 13,5s ; Tm 10s -> Ta 41s ; Tm 15s-> Ta 80s ,etc...
This is the way I use the Rollei Retro 400s, I'm happy to share it, there is a lot of different way’s to use it, feel free to see or read some different experiences with the Rollie!!!

Picture 1 : Co.Mayo, Leica M4 35mm summaron f3.5 at f/11
Picture 2 : Co.Donegal, Nikon f601 24mm f2.8 at f/11
Picture 3 : Co.Mayo  Yashica 635 80mm f/16
Picture 4 : Co.Galway Yashica 635 80mm f/16 
Picture 5 : Paris, Leica M4 35mm summaron f3.5 at f/5.6
Picture 6 : Co.Sligo Yashica 635 80mm f/16 with ND filter 10 stops
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