My name is Stéphane, I am a French native and now based in Sligo, Ireland.
I am self thought with a sincere passion for all things photography, beautiful light, beautiful places and inspiring spaces.
I am literally addicted to making photos...for which there is no known cure, except to make more.....
Film photography is my passion, especially black and white film. Sometimes colours film for special occasions or tests.
I develop myself my own film and print some of my best negative on my darkroom. Some pictures can be printed with pleasure for you on request.
Actually, I have 3 prints left on my series "Ocean Sligo" ,  handmade darkroom prints available on Big Cartel Shop, running until end of December 23. Then another series will come.
I have on display some darkroom print at "Made in Sligo" in Sligo town.
Some pictures are posted regularly on Instagram stephanelafitte9271 .

2023 : Darkroom print are displayed and for sale at 'Made in Sligo'
2023 : Honorable mention ND magazine Competition Category 'Self Portrait' See picture in home page.
2023 : 20th August  People's Photography Exhibition
2022 : People's Photography Exhibition
2021 : Honorable mention ND magazine Competition category 'Series' with Ocean Sligo.

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